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Trigger Point Therapy and Ischaemic Compression

When a muscle is contracted for a long period of time, such as with poor posture, sitting for long periods, or when guarding an injury, a focal area of irritation can occur within the muscle belly. Trigger points, as they are known, can be painful and may alter local biomechanics. Trigger points can also be responsible for referred pain such as headaches or sciatica like symptoms.

Trigger point therapy is a quick way of treating trigger points, involving compression of the muscle belly at the point of irritation. This can be quite sore, and may stimulate referred pain, but this only lasts up to 30 seconds. This treatment works by cutting off the blood supply to a small portion of muscle for a short amount of time, forcing the muscle contraction to end.

McKenzie Technique

The McKenzie Technique is used only for treatment of pain in the lower back. It is similar to an exercise regime, whereby your chiropractor will give you specific postures to hold dependant on the nature and location of your low back complaint.

The McKenzie technique works by progressing your posture and movement over a series of stages.

Cross Friction

This form of therapy is very good for tendinitis and conditions such as tennis elbow. It is also useful for rehabilitating joint sprains.

When tendon injury occurs the body reacts by laying down collagen as quickly as possible to repair the damage. This scar tissue can impact on the function of the tendon and unless addressed can cause damage in it's own right. Cross friction works by breaking down scar tissue while leaving the healthy tissue intact.

Your chiropractor will use their hands to rub across the tendon vigorously for up to 5 minutes. This can be sore at the time and it is advised patients ice the area afterwards.

Eccentric Muscle Stripping

This soft tissue technique is used to break down muscle and tendon tissue, forcing it to lengthen. For this reason this technique is only used on large strong muscles, and is mostly for athletes. It is very effective in terms of increasing muscle length and strength, helping performance.

The technique works by your chiropractor moving a joint against your resistance. This resistance is called eccentric contraction. You may have heard of it being used in sports training as the most effective way to induce muscle hypertrophy. Again this is a very specific technique that enables your chiropractor to work on the problem tissue, without disturbing other areas.

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