Great work! I had been having problems with my shoulder for some time that had been causing me to suffer from migraines. After my first visit the pain and discomfort I had been suffering began to subside, and within a short period of time I would no longer having these problems. Thank you for the service.

Karen H.

Very Reassuring with calm and caring attitude, knows his stuff, explains everything clearly, after suffering years of pain and being undiagnosed by several doctors specialists and GP, Michael diagnosed my costochondritis and relieved the pain immediately. I was really worried about bone cracking after watching youtube videos, I needn't of worried it is not painful just feels a bit odd. Don't suffer in silence go get yourself sorted.

Judi B.

Very relieved to be able to get quick appointment. Staff on phone and in person (David) very helpful. Results were extremely satisfying with tips on how to protect from further injury in the future.

Local G.

If you have any under lying back problems, look no further, I have been waiting for 1 year and a half for the NHS to diagnose my back pain, however on recommendation to David Cooper, it has elevated many symptoms and just like magic I do not have as much excruciating back pain, this in it's self is well worth the visit! Rest assured I would highly recommend!

Flis R.

Both me and my partner have been here intermittently over several years and can’t speak highly enough of the treatment that we’ve had.

We’ve seen each of the chiropractors here at least once and, while there are obviously differences between them, they are all so professional and the treatment has always been effective.

They really take the time to explain things thoroughly so that you know exactly what the problem is, and they give lots of advice in terms of things that you can do to stop it coming back.

I used to suffer with a really bad neck and migraines, but haven’t had any problems for years, and they were able to sort out my hip which was stopping me from running.

Can’t rate highly enough!

Jane S.

I hadn't realised how much my back was bothering me before seeing Michael. It was getting me down all the time, but I feel so much better now. He helped me with all sorts of advice, like altering my driving position to lessen the strain on my back. I think he's wonderful!

Hazel M.

After several months of increasing pain in my neck and shoulder I'd reached the stage where I was having constant headaches, trouble sleeping and couldn't even check over my shoulder for traffic without pain, so I booked a consultation with Sure Health. I'm so glad I did.
David diagnosed the problem during my first visit, and reassured me that it was a relatively simple fix that would only take a few treatments. He was right!
Michael took care of my treatments and understood the changes occurring between visits, adapting treatments to fully resolve the issue. I can't thank him enough. I was given exercises to do between appointments and self care advice that worked. My neck is back to normal and I can sleep comfortably again.
Both offered expert treatment with a relaxed, friendly approach. I can't recommend Sure Health enough. In the nicest possible way I hope I won't ever have to see you again, but I'll know exactly where to come if I do. Thank you!

Mihaela V.

I honestly recommend Sure Health Chiropractic. I was 31 and I was suffering with chronic back pain from a neglected "S" type scoliosis for 2 years when I went to my first session with dr. David Cooper. After only 2 sessions and 2 weeks of home exercises (easy to do, really) my back pain was gone and I was able once again to live a quality life, without any pain whatsoever!

Mark C.

I can’t recommend Sure Health enough, I’ve visited for 4 seperate problems (knee, back, neck and shoulder) and every time I’ve been blown away by the treatment received. From waking up with a bad back, stiff neck or suffering with long term issues they amhave been able to treat the issue and provide expert advice. Don’t suffer anymore, a visit here will is it. 10/10 for me 👌

Rebecca F.

I have visited Sure Health for the last 2 years following an equine related accident that I had when I was 19. I have had physio through the NHS for problems with my neck and back and it has never really helped. After one session at Sure health I found relief from the stiffness and pain in my neck and after a few sessions I felt a lot straighter (which is important as if I’m not straight then my horse isn’t going to be).
I am now able to just book an appointment when I start to feel niggles again, and after one session I’m back to normal.
I cannot recommend Sure Health enough, always very friendly and informative and provide lots of exercises that can be done at hone to help improve your issues.

Claire M.

Very welcoming, listens to problem and advises accordingly excersises really do work. I would highly recommend.

Sharon W.

I visited Michael Parkin after months of constant pain in my neck, shoulder and all down my arm after an injury. I had been taking lots of different pain relief medication and seen a physio and osteopath several times but only experienced very slight improvement in pain. Michael conducted a full examination and tested my mobility and strength etc. He then explained exactly what the problem was (which made perfect sense!). After the first treatment I felt an immediate improvement and within 4 days I felt 70% better and the pain down my arm virtually disappeared. I've just had my second treatment and I had the best night's sleep in 3 months last night. No pain at all in my arm now and just niggles in my shoulder. I hadn't been able to drive for 3 months before treatment but I managed to drive myself to my second appointment and I am enjoying life again. I really can't thank Michael enough and highly recommend him!

Claire M.

My husband and I had visited numerous Chiropractors for our problems but non of them could eliminate the pain. It was on the recommendation of a friend that resulted in visiting David - and thank god we did!
There was no sales pitch (like others before), just an honest answer to the problems we had and therefore the correct treatment given. Unlike other Chiropractors, David goes above and beyond by explaining MRI results and treating accordingly. Not only is he a genuine guy but he is by far the most professional Chiropractor we've seen - and it hasn't cost us 'the earth'. Thanks David

Susan D.

I got a super quick appointment. The lady over the phone was very officiant and helpful.
I saw Michael who soon identified my problem and with just one treatment i was able to move a little easier.
He took the time to explain the procedure and even gave me some excersise to do at home.
Thank you.

Brenda R.

After several months of unconstructive visits to my GP and the hospital I was given no explanation for my severe back pain. Thankfully a good friend recommended Sure Health Chiropractic. David Cooper was able to diagnose my problem at the very first session and provide me with the help and support to get my life back to normal! I was really nervous about going in the first place but David was so understanding and friendly and explained everything so clearly I was soon put at my ease. I can not recommend Sure Health highly enough.

Angela B.

Well what Can I say these guys have fixed my shoulder back ankles

I can’t recommend them enough

And they have given me follow up exercises to do wouldn’t go anywhere else �����

Nigel W.

I have seen David on and off since he started in Grappenhall.

I have recommened him to countless people, and bearing in mind i have seen probably a dozen people before i tried David.


Jaroslav B.

After a week of suffering and testing of various calming drugs from GP, my partner still could not stand up. The prospects for cure have been unexpected and so I decided to search through Google for some chiropractor.Dr. David Cooper had very good reviews and we can only confirm them again. Even through the partial language barrier he was very fond and patient. It was obvious that he understood his work. We are still waiting for several treatments, but after our first visit my partner is visibly relieved and can move freely.5 stars is not enough ... strongly recommended.

Ian A.

I'd had back pain on and off for a couple of years. Nobody had been able to help me really, but I came across Sure Health and thought I'd try it. It only took a couple of treatments to fix, and I haven't had any problems since.

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