Sports Injuries

Low Back Pain in High Level Cricketer

Case Study – Mr F A high-level cricketer, trying to break into the professional ranks, but with a bad back. Before Seeing The Chiropractor Mr F is 19 years old. He has been playing cricket since he can remember and is currently playing first team cricket in the top division of the amateur game. He… Read more

Sports Taping
Should You Use Sports Tape?

Our chiropractors are trained in sports-taping and may use it as part of your treatment, but what for? What does sports tape do, and is it only something for athletes? Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maro Itoje, Mo Farah, Andy Murray, to name just a few, sports taping is used by almost all athletes at one… Read more

Sports Injury Treatment
Why Strong Hips Could Protect Your Knees

Knee injuries are very common amongst athletes, being caused by contact injuries and slips and falls. Cruciate ligament injuries are a type of knee injury in which the supportive ligaments connecting the thigh bone to the shin bone are stretched or torn. As well as being caused by athletic activities, cruciate ligaments also experience general… Read more

Rugby Tackle
Effects of a single game of rugby on the cervical spine

With the Six Nations on the telly and the Super League starting again, it seemed like a good time to post an article about sports injuries. More specifically cumulative rugby injuries involving the neck. It goes without saying that Rugby, of both codes, is a very physical game. The result of repeated contact is significant… Read more

Football Diploma
Football Chiropractor

Chiropractor Dr David Cooper has become one of the first people in the country to be awarded the FIFA endorsed post-graduate diploma in football medicine. This course lasted 12 months and covered topics from the assessment of cardiovascular risk factors to the nutritional demands of adolescent athletes. The diploma builds on the skills that chiropractors use… Read more

Ballet Dancer
Experience from working with dancers

As you can imagine, I am lucky enough to meet all kinds of people from all different backgrounds through my work. This is definitely one of the best parts of being a chiropractor. It so happens that one group of people I have spent a lot of time working with since the very start of… Read more

Vibram Five Fingers
Barefoot Running

Osteoarthritis, patello-femoral pain syndrome, bursitis, illiotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, compartment syndrome, and shin splints are a few of the many conditions familiar to runners. Causes are usually either put down to training too hard, or running with biomechanical abnormalities such as pronated feet. However, the cause for all these injuries doesn’t look like over… Read more

AC Joint Separation
Mo Salah Injury

Mo Salah Injury For Liverpool fans watching the Champion’s League final, the moment Mo Salah went down injured in the first half was a heart-stopping moment. In this article our chiropractors will explain what happened to Mo Salah and whether we can expect to see him at the World Cup. AC Joint Dislocation From the… Read more

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