Slipped Disc

Intervertebral Disc
Disc Herniations Spontaneously Self-Repair

New research shows that two thirds of herniated discs will reabsorb, leaving scientists questioning whether surgery should be considered as a treatment option. Slipped, or herniated, discs can be an absolute nightmare if they flare up. Symptoms can range from mild tightness in the buttock or shoulder right through to incapacitating pain and weakness affecting… Read more

Intervertebral Disc
Can disc prolapses be cured with exercise?

As a cause of back pain disc injuries, often called herniations or prolapses, are only one amongst many. However, as an estimated 80% of asymptomatic individuals show signs of them on MRI scans, disc injuries should not be ignored as an unimportant contributor to wear and tear. Even if not impinging on nerve tissue, herniated… Read more

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