Neck Pain

Desk neck pain
Neck Pain

Most neck pain is due to strains of the small joints between the vertebrae and over-active muscles. Your chiropractor can treat most causes of neck pain effectively. Whiplash disorders occur when movement of the head causes muscle spasm. This can be very painful, even if it wasn’t painful at the time. Chiropractic treatment is very… Read more

Rugby Tackle
Effects of a single game of rugby on the cervical spine

With the Six Nations on the telly and the Super League starting again, it seemed like a good time to post an article about sports injuries. More specifically cumulative rugby injuries involving the neck. It goes without saying that Rugby, of both codes, is a very physical game. The result of repeated contact is significant… Read more

Intervertebral Disc
Disc Herniations Spontaneously Self-Repair

New research shows that two thirds of herniated discs will reabsorb, leaving scientists questioning whether surgery should be considered as a treatment option. Slipped, or herniated, discs can be an absolute nightmare if they flare up. Symptoms can range from mild tightness in the buttock or shoulder right through to incapacitating pain and weakness affecting… Read more

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