Businesses using Chiropractors

Over 5 million working days are lost every year in UK industry due to back pain alone. The costs of this loss is estimated to be over £500 million per year by the Health and Safety Executive.

Increasingly employers are utilising chiropractic care as the most effective way of reducing the impact of musculoskeletal disorders on productivity.

Sure Health can offer a wide range of solutions for your business depending on the scale and nature of your industry. Often businesses will simply ask a member of our team to conduct an assessment of work conditions and discuss simple adaptations that can be implemented to reduce occurrence of back pain amongst employees. Other ways businesses have used Sure Health include offering free consultations to staff, subsidised employee care, and performing group exercise sessions.

Sure Health will always look to provide the most economical solution for your business, and are happy to take the time to discuss how to best help each particular client. If you or your company are interested in discussing the possible benefits of using chiropractic care with Sure Health, please get in touch via our email or phone contacts.

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