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A lot of patients ask me how I came to open a chiropractic clinic in Warrington and so I’ve written this article to give people an understanding of why I chose Warrington and what the journey has been like so far. You can read why I became a chiropractor here.

The story starts whilst at university in South Wales. Even before graduating the plan was to open a chiropractic clinic as soon as possible. To that end, in my final year, I spent a lot of time researching where would be the best place, looking at demographics, competition and economic prospects of lots of different areas.

The North West, in particular Liverpool, Warrington and Manchester, stood out as optimal locations and an opportunity presented itself in Warrington before anywhere else.

Woolston Neighbourhood Hub had just undergone a full refit and the consulting room opposite the GP surgery was available to rent, so that is where our first patient was seen. We even met the mayor on our open day, way back in 2011.

Summer 2012 saw a big shift when we took on our current premises in Grappenhall. Being just two miles from the M56/M6 interchange and right next to both Lymm and Warrington towns, this really is a perfect location and we transitioned over from Woolston over a period of 3 months.

Since opening we have worked with ballet companies, rugby clubs, rowing clubs, TV companies, tyre fitters, mechanics and all range of institutions in between. Generally speaking we are employed on a consultant basis to provide advice about prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace or a sporting arena.

Juggling all these demands alongside a busy practice has meant we have increased our clinical staff. At one point we employed an osteopath, but unfortunately this didn’t quite work out. Then in 2015 Lorraine Calland from Vale Royal Chiropractic Clinic in Northwich joined the team, covering on particularly busy weeks.

This setup worked very well until I had a snowboarding accident. An injured shoulder meant six months unable to treat patients.

Fortunately, Dr Michael Parkin answered the distress call, joining the clinic as an emergency locum in February 2017. He has been with us ever since, and now sees the bulk of patients that visit the clinic.

One thing that has stayed the same since the day we first opened is our commitment to transparency and open communication.

Too often people do not feel empowered enough to ask the questions that matter to them about their healthcare. But at Sure Health, we try to give you all the information that we would want if we were having treatment, as well as creating an environment where you can feel comfortable to ask anything that comes into your head.

Putting patients first is always at the front of our thought processes. Our sustainability as a practice relies on building a reputation, which is easily damaged, and so everything we do is about helping people get what they want from chiropractic care.

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