Your first visit

Upon arriving you will be given a form to fill in, detailing your contact information and informing us of any medical issues.

Your chiropractor will then take a medical history before asking you about your present complaint. To best understand the cause of your pain your chiropractor will need to ask for lots of detailed information.

It can be helpful to bring copies of any recent relevant scans or tests, but this is not essential. Your chiropractor can request these from your GP if necessary.

After going through your medical history, your chiropractor will then perform a focused neurological, physical, and orthopaedic examination. This will involve palpation of muscles and joints, and specific tests to determine the cause of your pain. Typically, you can remain clothed for this, although in some cases you may be requested to change into a gown.

Your chiropractor will then describe the findings of the assessment and offer you a diagnosis, as well as talking you through treatment or referral options. This is often referred to as a report of findings.

You will then be asked if you would like to proceed with treatment. Your first treatment is included in the price of initial consultation and is usually offered in the same appointment.

All in all, this process takes approximately an hour, although this is case dependant.