Conditions Treated

Low Back Pain

The overwhelming majority of low back injuries are nothing serious. Most commonly they are due to muscle strain/spasm or joint irritation.

The cause of low back pain can be lifting, twisting, or other trauma, but can just as easily be due to a build up of smaller factors such as muscle imbalance, stress, or a poor work position.

Nearly all patients with low back pain can be successfully treated by a chiropractor.

Other causes of low back pain include disc herniations, otherwise known as a slipped disc. A disc herniation is not as serious as it sounds, and chiropractic treatment is very effective in improving the low back pain and leg pain associated with a disc herniation.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches can be very disabling or just annoying, either way it is best to get them looked at.

Headaches can have many different causes, including migraine, tension, stress, and neck problems. A chiropractor can help diagnose the cause of the headache you are suffering from, and will tell you whether they can help.

Chiropractic treatment can be very effective for certain types of headache.

In circumstances where your chiropractor cannot help they can refer you to the practitioner who can, be it an opthalmologist, GP, or other medical professional.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting over two million people in the UK. Joints commonly affected include the hip and knee.

It starts off as intermittent aches and pains, which most people see as an inevitable consequence of ageing. While an element of wear and tear is normal, it should not cause pain.

Osteoarthritis is irreversible, and so treatment is targeted towards pain relief and slowing progression. The earlier you begin treatment with a chiropractor, the more can be done in terms of treatment. Even in cases where osteoarthritis is relatively severe, a large amount can be done to reduce the pain associated.

Neck pain

Most neck pain is due to strains of the small joints between the vertebrae and over-active muscles. Your chiropractor can treat most causes of neck pain effectively.

Whiplash disorders occur when movement of the head causes muscle spasm. This can be very painful, even if it wasn't painful at the time. Chiropractic treatment is very effective for whiplash, but treatment is much more successful if you are seen sooner rather than later.

Shoulder problems

There are a range of problems that can occur with the shoulder, but because the shoulder is used in most daily activities these problems can quickly become quite severe.

Most shoulder conditions, such as tendinitis, impingement syndrome, and adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), respond well to chiropractic treatment.

Ice application can also be very effective for relieving shoulder pain.

Injury rehabilitation

Whether post surgery, following a broken bone, or after a sporting injury, rehabilitation can be difficult. Very often the body compensates for an injury which can cause new problems in their own right. Without addressing these problems recovery may be slow or incomplete.

Chiropractic treatment can aid rehabilitation and chiropractors are trained to provide specific exercise regimes to ensure you get back to your best as soon as possible.

Other conditions treated include

Tennis elbow
Plantar fascitis (foot pain)
Patellofemoral pain
Golfer's elbow
Muscle strain
Carpal tunnel

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