Sure Health in Worcester

2nd June 2013 - Sure Health in Worcester

Following a very successful year, where our reputation for providing the most effective and reliable neuromusculoskeletal (NMSK) healthcare has become cemented with members of the public and medical professionals alike, Sure Health are now making the step to increase the availability of our services.

This July Sure Health will be acquiring Worcester Chiropractic Clinic. This provides an exciting opportunity to build on the hard work of the exiting owner, Dr Ewen Merry, and to bring NMSK healthcare in Worcestershire up to the standard setting levels Sure Health expect.

Our operations in Warrington will remain unchanged, although a new chiropractor will be joining our Grappenhall Clinic team this summer to help keep up with demand. A short list of the most qualified and reputable candidates is being drawn up, and this will be followed by a period of assessment to ensure the correct decision is made.

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