Warrington Regatta

We want to thank Warrington Rowing Club for inviting us to their Regatta on Saturday 28th July.

This was our first time sponsoring the event and we really enjoyed the experience. If you have a tournament or event you think we should be at, please get in touch.

Warrington Regatta is the club's marquee event and draws local clubs from Northwich, Runcorn and others, as well as rowing clubs from as far away as Bradford and Tyneside.

We arrived on the banks of the Mersey at 08.30 and set up a mini clinic, complete with model spine, exercise equipment, treatment bench and blood pressure cuff.

Although we aren't able to offer treatment at these events, they do provide a great opportunity to give advice and information about injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Doing very rudimentary assessments, we are able to narrow the field when it comes to diagnosing and treating a problem, giving people direction in terms of their next steps.

For example, we had a chap who felt his knee was affecting his rowing stroke which actually turned out to be a pelvic problem.

We had a lady asking for advice on carpal tunnel syndrome who actually has suspected exertional compartment syndrome. One of the rowers, struggling with shoulder pain, was found to have underlying shoulder instability. The list goes on.

As always, we try to give self-management strategies where possible and advice about appropriate investigation or intervention where this is needed.

This weekend saw us demonstrating exercises to strengthen the subscapularis, stretch vastus lateralis and engage gluteus medius, to name but a few.

Chiropractor, David Cooper has a long relationship with the club, having been a rower himself and chiropractor to the club's many members. He has also worked with the coaches on injury prevention and performance optimisation training.

We are always happy to support local clubs and groups, sporting or otherwise. If you would like to discuss sponsorship of an event, please contact the clinic using our contact form.

Warrington Regatta

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