Top 10 Myths About Chiropractic

4th May 2012 - Top 10 Myths About Chiropractic

6. Chiropractors like feet – That’s chiropodists. Chiropractors can help with some conditions affecting the feet, and often work in conjunction with poditriasts/chiropodists to that effect, but they are the real experts in this area.

7. Chiropractic is like massage – This is a very common misrepresentation in the UK. Chiropractors undergo 5 years of medical training, including hospital placements and supervised clinical practice. An NVQ in massage therapy can be gained within one day. Chiropractors offer medical treatment for mechanical disorders.

8. Manipulation only works if I hear a crack – Sometimes when undergoing joint manipulation a cavitation (or popping noise) is heard. This is of no relevance to treatment, and is completely incidental.

9. I need my GP to refer me to a chiropractor – Both GPs and chiropractors are primary care practitioners. This means both are trained to diagnose any patient that walks through their door. As such, GP referral is not necessary to see a chiropractor. Your chiropractor may also refer you to other medical professionals where necessary.

10. I have to have an x-ray to see a chiropractor – Most patients can be diagnosed without any imaging at all. Should this not be the case, an x-ray may be taken. Your chiropractor can take your x-ray on site, or refer you externally. They can also read any images taken previously. X-ray is the cheaper alternative to an MRI and in most cases will be satisfactory for diagnosis. Your chiropractor can also refer you direct for MRI, and can read previous scans you may have had.

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