Video Consultations

During the Covid-19 lock-down, our chiropractors are performing video consultations instead of face to face appointments.

While video and phone consultations have been available in other healthcare settings for a long time, people often choose chiropractic care because they want hands-on treatment.

So how good are video consultations at standing in for hands-on chiropractic treatment?

To answer that, we’ve come up with a list of things that are great about video consultations.

10 things that are great about video appointments

  1. Research shows people feel improvements in pain symptoms just by having an assessment. Understanding what is causing your pain and why you have it can not only act as reassurance, but can actually make you feel better, do more and recover more quickly.

  2. It’s convenient. You don’t have to travel anywhere, helpful if getting in the car is uncomfortable. Being able to attend your appointment from home means it is easier to fit in with your daily routine.

  3. You’ll learn what to do to help your symptoms. Our chiropractors will spend a substantial portion of your appointment advising what you can do; should you use ice or heat, which painkillers are most likely to help, how is best to sit, is exercise safe and so on.

  4. You’ll learn what NOT to do. We’ll tell you what activities are likely to cause your symptoms to worsen or slow your recovery.

  5. We will talk about prevention. When your symptoms go, what can you do to stop them coming back. We will give you a range of exercises and lifestyle changes you can make to prevent your symptoms from returning.

  6. A lot of assessment can still be carried out over video link. We have worked really hard at refining our examination process to work well over video. In most instances we will be able to give you a diagnosis, as well as being able to help you understand the nature of your problem and why you are being affected.

  7. We’ll show you how to treat yourself! In many cases there are things you can do at home to mimic elements of hands on treatment. Although it’s not the full-monty, these tricks can make a big difference.

  8. You’ll get a plan of action. We can tell you whether you should go to A&E, seek prescription medication or have a scan, or can continue with conservative management. If you do need to seek urgent care, we can provide you with a letter explaining why and what action is needed.

  9. They’re cheap. Because we aren’t providing the hands-on element of treatment we aren’t charging our usual fee for video consultations. This means you can get a one on one appointment with a chiropractor for an hour for £40.

  10. We get to see you in your natural environment. If you are working from home this is a perfect opportunity to optimise your home-office set up.

If you would like a video appointment please contact us here.

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