Tips to avoid pain at work

Lessen the strain on your body at the office by following these useful, everyday tips:
  1. Raise your computer screen to near eye level. By raising the screen of your computer to just below eye level you can look straight ahead. This lessens the strain on your neck, which can also help stave off headaches. Low tech solutions include putting the monitor on a pile of books.
  2. Use a separate mouse. Using a laptop mouse pad forces you to either hold your hand up high, or have the screen down low. A USB mouse costs only a few pounds and is a useful addition to your workspace, helping prevent shoulder issues, and allowing you to optimise your set up elsewhere.
  3. A separate key board is good too. This is only really useful for laptop users, but a separate keyboard will allow you to position the laptop in the best position for your neck. A separate key board also means you don’t have to over-reach to type.
  4. Sit on a low chair. In an ideal world your feet should be placed flat on the floor and you should have a 90 degree bend in your knees. Your feet should not be placed underneath your chair. If you cannot lower your chair far enough, place a box underneath your feet. Also, you should move your chair close to your work station to avoid over stretching.
  5. Get up every 30 minutes. Ligaments begin to stretch if held in one position for a long time. Find an excuse to get up and walk around for a minute every half an hour. Go to the water cooler, the toilet, etc.
  6. Bruger breaks. Give your body a break by arching your lower back, and stretching your arms behind you. Hold for 20 seconds.
  7. See the chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained to identify the overloaded parts of your body and to treat these areas to help maintain normal function and prevent pain. If you are getting any symptoms involving your joints, muscles or nerves, chances are we can help, but better still, why not take a preventative approach and have a check-over before you are in pain?

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