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Football Diploma

Football Chiropractor

Chiropractor Dr David Cooper has become one of the first people in the country to be awarded the FIFA endorsed post-graduate diploma in football medicine. This course lasted 12 months and covered topics from the assessment of cardiovascular risk factors to the nutritional demands of adolescent athletes. The diploma builds on the skills that chiropractors use… Read more

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Should I Stretch More?

Stretching is commonly performed before sports, and most of us have at some point had thought that perhaps stretching would be beneficial, perhaps making us feel more mobile or less achey. But what does the science say? Static stretching is the most common method of stretching, involving holding a pose that places strain on a… Read more

Age Related Back Pain

Does back pain get worse as you get older?

A common perception is that the overwhelming majority of chiropractic patients are of the retired generation, perhaps because society has the perception that our joints wear out as we get older. Certainly, the logic that a worn out joint would cause more pain than a shiny new one seems incontrovertible. But, on both counts, these… Read more

Intervertebral Disc

Disc Herniations Spontaneously Self-Repair

New research shows that two thirds of herniated discs will reabsorb, leaving scientists questioning whether surgery should be considered as a treatment option. Slipped, or herniated, discs can be an absolute nightmare if they flare up. Symptoms can range from mild tightness in the buttock or shoulder right through to incapacitating pain and weakness affecting… Read more

Intervertebral Disc

Can disc prolapses be cured with exercise?

As a cause of back pain disc injuries, often called herniations or prolapses, are only one amongst many. However, as an estimated 80% of asymptomatic individuals show signs of them on MRI scans, disc injuries should not be ignored as an unimportant contributor to wear and tear. Even if not impinging on nerve tissue, herniated… Read more

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