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Cloudy Sky

Does The Weather Affect Your Joints?

It’s a relatively common belief that the weather makes a difference to aches and pains, but is there any truth to this? And if cold or damp weather does exacerbate symptoms, what are the reasons for this? A consensus exists in scientific literature that rheumatoid arthritis is affected by prevailing weather conditions, with high humidity… Read more

What Happens When You Click a Joint?

Joint cracking is something that we’ve all experienced at some point or another, whether it is the random pop from your spine as you twist, the crunch of someone’s knees or the macho-man clicking his knuckles. Before answering what actually happens when a joint clicks, it is important to know there are different causes of… Read more

When not to visit a chiropractor

Identifying when not to treat is one of the most important skills any medical professional can learn. This is particularly the case for primary care practitioners such as chiropractors and GPs, who can see any patient that makes an appointment for virtually any reason. Because referral to other specialists is so routine, patients should always… Read more


Whiplash disorder

The definition of whiplash is any injury to the neck following a rapid movement of the head. Whiplash does not necessarily have to come following a motor accident. Because the term whiplash does not describe the structure that has been injured, whiplash associated disorders can encompass a number of different conditions, making this quite a… Read more


How Stress Affects Pain

At some point in our lives we have all been stressed. And at some point in our lives, we have all experienced pain. The inter-relationship of these two complex physiological events is incredibly interesting. We can define stress as our body’s response to actual or perceived threat, although threat is an all-encompassing term here and… Read more

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