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Rugby Tackle

Effects of a single game of rugby on the cervical spine

With the Six Nations on the telly and the Super League starting again, it seemed like a good time to post an article about sports injuries. More specifically cumulative rugby injuries involving the neck. It goes without saying that Rugby, of both codes, is a very physical game. The result of repeated contact is significant… Read more

Sitting comfortably?

In case it escaped your notice, humans work better on two legs than on all fours. Walking upright requires specific evolutionary adaptations of the skeleton and muscles. Changes included increased lumbosacral angle, a shorter and broader pelvis, formation of spinal curves, and use of core stabilising muscles, to name but a few (Essentials of Physical… Read more

Chiro Patient

Would You Know the Difference?

It’s been a pretty warm summer (until this week!), and more and more people are coming through the door with suspicious looking moles. Early detection is key to successfully treating skin cancers. This photo demonstrates some of the hallmark signs to look out for, with malignant melanomas on the left and normal moles on the… Read more

Something for the cricketers out there

With Chris Tremlett having missed the last two tests against India with a back spasm, I thought I’d write a little about the back injuries that a fast bowler can sustain.The back injury with the worst stigma is stress fracture. The words send a chill through any fast bowler’s spine, as a potentially career threatening… Read more

Desk neck pain

Tennis Players

It’s not just elite tennis players who can benefit from chiropractic treatment. We’re not suggesting that every tennis player needs a chiropractor following them around ready to jump in at the first sign of a niggle mid-match. But most recreational athletes will have some concerns or injuries at one point or another. And even if… Read more

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