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clicking neck

Should You Click Your Own Neck/Back?

This is something that chiropractors come across all the time. Patients present with stiffness in their neck or back that is relieved by bending their spine until a crack is heard or felt. There are rumours that clicking your own joints can cause arthritis, so here we’re going to explain exactly what happens and whether… Read more

Sports Injury Treatment

Why Strong Hips Could Protect Your Knees

Knee injuries are very common amongst athletes, being caused by contact injuries and slips and falls. Cruciate ligament injuries are a type of knee injury in which the supportive ligaments connecting the thigh bone to the shin bone are stretched or torn. As well as being caused by athletic activities, cruciate ligaments also experience general… Read more


Is Ice or Heat Better?

As a chiropractor, I am asked this question a lot. Should I use ice or heat for a bad back? The use of temperature to mediate pain and influence recovery from an injury has been commonplace since the times of Hippocrates. But despite this, a quick google search today will reveal how much conflicting advice… Read more

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Is Marathon Running Bad For You?

This is definitely the time of year for marathon running, with the Manchester Marathon having just passed, the Liverpool Marathon next month and the London Marathon in between. But is running 26.2 miles bad for you? Historically, it was thought so. Women weren’t allowed to run a Marathon at all until the late 1960s, they… Read more

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Massage Therapy In Warrington

Massage is a useful adjunct to chiropractic treatment, helping resolve muscular issues that have arisen in compensation of underlying mechanical dysfunction. Massage helps decrease pain by addressing areas of continuous contraction within muscles. When a muscle is over loaded for a long period of time, as happens with desk work for example, a state of… Read more

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