McTimoney Chiropractor?

If you are looking for a chiropractor, chances are you will be confronted with two types; Chiropractors, and McTimoney chiropractors. What’s going on?

Well, notwithstanding the prefix, in many respects McTimoney chiropractors are just like any other chiropractor. Despite previous accreditation difficulties, they are registered with the General Chiropractic Council, have had to demonstrate academic excellence with a university affiliated Masters’ degree and must abide by the code of practice and standard of proficiency.

A McTimoney chiropractor also sees the same conditions as other chiropractors; specialising in mechanical complaints, most commonly back pain.

There are, however, inherent differences.

McTimoney chiropractic was initiated by a man called John McTimoney, who had no formal training as a chiropractor at all. John McTimoney started practicing “chiropractic” after having been treated by one chiropractor and become friends with another. He is often described as having a tendency towards the healing arts.

After several years in practice, during which time he reportedly innovated new techniques, McTimoney began to teach other people his “skills”. Three of these students went on to form the McTimoney Chiropractic College in Abdingdon.

His biography makes very interesting reading.

The introduction of many new techniques by John McTimoney means that the approach offered by McTimoney chiropractors is very different to that given by other chiropractors.

Adjustments administered by McTimoney chiropractors are very fast, but very, very light. In all likelihood you will not feel the “adjustment”. It is also important to note that the effects of McTimoney adjustments have not been researched.

Some people decide to see a McTimoney chiropractor because of its reputation for gentleness, but this is unnecessary as traditional chiropractic adjustments should be pain free when administered by a skilled practitioner.

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