Covid-19 Advice to Patients


The Coronavirus situation is changing day-by-day. On this page you will find regularly updated information about the changes we are making in response to Covid-19.

At Sure Health Chiropractic we place your health as our top priority. Our actions will always reflect this.

We are fortunate that Warrington is one of the least affected areas of the country, but nevertheless precautions must be taken to maintain this status.

Find out how many Coronavirus cases there are in your area (BBC)


Currently, the clinic is open as normal, both to new and existing patients.

There are, however, some people who we advise should not attend the clinic.

In view of Public Health England guidance, the following groups must not attend the clinic:

  • Symptomatic patients; cough, fever, shortness of breath
  • People travelling from high-risk areas; including, but not limited to, Hubei province in China and lockdown areas such as Italy, Spain and France.
  • Those advised to self-isolate
  • Anybody with known respiratory illness

Further to this, we advise pregnant women and people over the age of seventy to consider how great their need of treatment is and to weigh this up with the known risks of Covid-19.

Patients over seventy have been advised to self-isolate, but that they may still exercise and attend medical appointments.

Currently the risks to pregnant women are not thought to be any greater than for other patients, but due to the novelty of Covid-19 the risks to unborn children are not well understood. Covid-19 guidance for pregnant patients.

Mitigation Measures

As has been widely reported, transmission of Covid-19 can be markedly reduced by maintaining appropriate levels of hygiene.

Some of things that we are doing to ensure you are safe when you visit us include:

  • Chiropractors wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use hand-sanitiser between each appointment
  • We’re not shaking hands present
  • Bench cleaning – between each appointment the treatment bench is cleaned with a wipe that is effective against both bacteria and viruses. Special attention is paid to the area around the headpiece and handrail
  • Please place your own card in the card reader
  • Cleaning – our staff don’t want Covid-19 any more than you do! We are regularly cleaning all surfaces that are likely to be touched by patients, from door handles to the desk.

Future Steps

It is likely in the near future that the clinic may have to open for emergency appointments only, or have significantly reduced opening hours.

For this reason, we ask that if you have a maintenance appointment scheduled within the next 6 weeks that you bring this appointment forward. Otherwise we run the risk of not being able to honour your appointment.

If further travel restrictions come into play, we will establish a Skype and/or telephone consulting service to be able to provide advice to those most in need.

We also post regular advice articles on our website.

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