Chiro Patient
6 Questions to Ask a Chiropractor in Warrington

1. How many sessions will I need? Knowing your prognosis, ie. how quickly you are likely to get better, can be very reassuring if you are in pain. Being able to answer this also means that your chiropractor has thought through a treatment plan. For conditions such as back pain and neck pain, guidelines exist… Read more

Tall Man
Do Tall People Get More Back Pain?

One of the most commonly espoused causative factors of lower back pain is height. If you are tall and have a bad back, chances are you have been told your height is to blame at one point or another. But does being tall mean that you are more likely to have a bad back? And… Read more

Sports Taping
Should You Use Sports Tape?

Our chiropractors are trained in sports-taping and may use it as part of your treatment, but what for? What does sports tape do, and is it only something for athletes? Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maro Itoje, Mo Farah, Andy Murray, to name just a few, sports taping is used by almost all athletes at one… Read more

clicking neck
Should You Click Your Own Neck/Back?

This is something that chiropractors come across all the time. Patients present with stiffness in their neck or back that is relieved by bending their spine until a crack is heard or felt. There are rumours that clicking your own joints can cause arthritis, so here we’re going to explain exactly what happens and whether… Read more

Sports Injury Treatment
Why Strong Hips Could Protect Your Knees

Knee injuries are very common amongst athletes, being caused by contact injuries and slips and falls. Cruciate ligament injuries are a type of knee injury in which the supportive ligaments connecting the thigh bone to the shin bone are stretched or torn. As well as being caused by athletic activities, cruciate ligaments also experience general… Read more

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