As chiropractors, we help people with all sorts of joint, muscle and nerve problems. But these issues are complex, and there are so many things that we can all do differently to help keep our bodies in top condition.

This page contains advice articles to help you better understand the causes of nerve, muscle and joint problems, as well as case-studies so that you don’t have to learn things the hard way.

Some articles also provide handy self-help hints and tips to help you when you are in pain, others discuss prevention strategies and exercises.

Our chiropractors write all of these articles and case-studies, incorporating recent research where applicable, so that you can be sure the information you are reading is up to date and correct.


Should You Use Sports Tape?

Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maro Itoje, Mo Farah, Andy Murray, to name just a few, sports taping is used by almost all athletes at one stage or another. Our chiropractors are trained in sports-taping and may use it as part of your treatment, but what for? What does sports tape do, and is it only… Read more

Is Ice or Heat Better?

As a chiropractor, I am asked this question a lot. Should I use ice or heat for a bad back? The use of temperature to mediate pain and influence recovery from an injury has been commonplace since the times of Hippocrates. But despite this, a quick google search today will reveal how much conflicting advice… Read more

Is Marathon Running Bad For You?

This is definitely the time of year for marathon running, with the Manchester Marathon having just passed, the Liverpool Marathon next month and the London Marathon in between. But is running 26.2 miles bad for you? Historically, it was thought so. Women weren’t allowed to run a Marathon at all until the late 1960s, they… Read more

Case Studies

Two Years of Pins and Needles

Case Study – Mr G This was a really interesting case, demonstrating the importance of turning over every stone. Before seeing the chiropractor Mr G presented with a two year history of pins and needles (paraesthesias) and tightness affecting both of his big toes. Mr G had been to his GP several times. Correctly, his… Read more

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