Our approach

Our approach is one that puts you first. On this page we set out the reasons we believe this to be the case, hopefully making it easier for you to choose the best Warrington chiropractor for you.

We don’t just crack your joints

We practice using a diversified model. This means that our chiropractors are trained to offer different types of treatment, choosing the best to suit each individual case.
Having lots of tools in our toolbox helps overcome obstacles to care. For instance if a person has health problems that prevent us using one type of treatment, we have another to fall back on.
It also means that we can adapt our treatment to take into account patient preferences. If you don’t like one of the treatment methods provided, we can just switch to another that you get on with better.
What’s more, we are able to combine different treatment methods to achieve best effect.
Offering a range of treatments means it is more likely we can help you and in a way that suits you best.

We don’t believe in the hard-sell

Everybody knows somebody with a nerve, muscle or joint problem, they are just so common. Knowing this, it has always struck us as bizarre that some clinicians should seek to over-treat patients. With a near bottom-less market, there’s just no need.
We will never risk our reputation by trying to squeeze one more visit out of somebody who doesn’t need it.
Our chiropractors realise that there are enough people who need their services for them to be fully booked twenty four hours a day without exploiting people at their most vulnerable.
They understand that the key to a successful practice is reputation. And so the only thing that goes through their heads when advising on treatment frequency is what is best for you.
For this reason, we don’t offer Groupon style enticements. We also don’t do pre-paid treatment plans.
Neither do we hold a stock of products to try and sell you. Hard-selling just isn’t in our DNA. And it’s bad for business.

We’re evidence based

Committing to evidence based practice is a significant undertaking. Often practices purport to be evidence based, but then fail to make changes as evidence evolves.
We promise that we are truly evidence based, keeping on top of current research in neuromusculoskeletal medicine.
The reason for this is simple. We want to get you better and keep you that way, and this job is made easier if we can use the most up to date knowledge from some of the world’s best brains.
On top of ensuring we are providing the most up to date treatment methods, being evidence based also means that we don’t treat you for things unless there is good evidence to say that we can help. This means no wasted trips to the chiropractor, no delays in getting appropriate treatment and no money down the drain.
Evidence also informs our diagnostic process. For example, scans and x-rays are not indicated in most instances where a biomechanical complaint is involved, so we don’t use them. This saves significant cost and time when it comes to establishing what is causing your problem, without sacrificing accuracy.

We’re rehabilitation buffs

Like it or lump it, there is no getting away from the fact that rehabilitation is an essential aspect of preventing musculoskeletal conditions from returning.
But it’s important to get rehabilitation right, rather than just going through the motions.
Our chiropractors are trained to provide tailored rehabilitation to each individual. They won’t just be reading off a sheet or following a pre-ordained recipe.
Our chiropractors will take the time to listen to your goals and to thoroughly assess your physical weak-spots, enabling them to design specific a rehabilitation plan for you.

Here are just seven reasons why we think you should choose us when you are looking for a chiropractor in Warrington.

1. Treatment is carried out on the same day as initial consultation. We understand that when you are in pain you want to get treated as soon as possible. In almost all circumstances we are able to start treatment on your first visit, to get your recovery underway. The cost of this first treatment is also included in the initial consultation fee.

2. Our diagnostics are first-rate. We place a huge emphasis on examination and diagnosis. This is the most important element of what we do. An accurate diagnosis ensures that you get the most appropriate treatment. We also take the time to explain this diagnosis and help you understand what it all means.

3. We can offer a range of approaches. Each of our chiropractors has a range of treatment techniques in their toolbox, meaning that we can accommodate your preferences when formulating a treatment plan. We also use a whole host of treatment techniques rather than just sticking to one system, again meaning we are better able to tailor treatment to your specific needs.

4. We don’t try to hard-sell. We will never try to get you to come in for more treatments than you really need. We don’t offer pre-payment plans or discounts for booking more than one appointment. We reassess at each visit and discuss whether and when a further appointment is needed. Some people benefit from maintenance care, but there is no pressure to come for appointments you don’t feel you need.

5. We’re on top of our game. Our chiropractors get together on a fortnightly basis to discuss cases and review recent research. Along with attending courses throughout the year this keeps us at the cutting edge of what is current in the field of manual therapy. Continual learning is essential in healthcare and we are very fortunate that our chiropractors are passionate about what they do.

6. If we can’t treat you, we’ll make sure you get the right follow up care. There are times when manual therapy is not appropriate or symptoms have a pathological cause, in which case we will refer you for proper further investigation or treatment immediately. Just because we can’t treat you, it doesn’t mean we will abandon you. We will still be on the end of the phone or email to help advise wherever possible.

7. Treatment works. A recent clinical audit shows that of all the people we treated over a 3 month period, 97% reported total resolution of their symptoms. The average number of treatments to get to this point was just under 5. So you can be sure that you have the best possible chance of getting better quickly under our care.

And if the reasons above aren’t enough, check out what other people say about us here.

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