GP Information

Good communication between chiropractors and other medical professionals is essential for the best patient care, not to mention for saving patients and practitioners both time and money.

Sure Health Chiropractic are experts in neuromusculoskeletal disorders, providing safe and effective relief for both back and neck pain. CSAG and NICE guidelines currently suggest expert spinal manipulation for back and neck pain, and emphasise early intervention as vastly improving prognosis. It is now the responsibility of GPs to refer back pain patients for manipulative therapy as well as offering pain medication.

Although, since the publication of the March 2006 General Practitioners Committee guidelines on referrals to complementary therapists, GPs are advised they can safely refer patients to chiropractors, Sure Health Chiropractic want GPs to know that their patients are in the best of hands once referred.

Sure Health strive to be the first choice for referral of MSK complaints. In line with clinical research, it is Sure Health Chiropractic protocol not to treat patients more than four times without good objective and subjective improvement. In cases when a simple mechanical approach will not be effective Sure Health Chiropractic are also very prompt at referring patients either back to their GP or to the relevant specialist. We provide only evidence based treatments, and use current research and guidelines to inform our practice.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, either about chiropractors in general, or Sure Health Chiropractic.

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