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Sure Health Chiropractic are no longer taking on new patients.

If you are an existing patient, please take the time to read a statement from clinic owner Dr David Cooper by clicking read more below.

Meet Our Warrington Chiropractors

Our Warrington chiropractors have a wealth of experience dealing with musculoskeletal conditions. They practise using a range of different technique systems for best effect.

Both have completed a five year Masters’ degree and post-registration training, qualifying them as Doctors of Chiropractic, or DCs for short.

David is the owner of the clinic and has completed numerous sport-specific post-graduate qualifications, holding registrations with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and British Athletics.

Although we do work with athletes and sports injuries, the bulk of our work is in general practice, carried out at our Warrington Chiropractic Clinic.

This means that our expertise is in helping patients with all manner of musculoskeletal problems, from migraines to trapped nerves.

Chiropractor, Dr David Cooper
Dr David Cooper

MChiro DC PGDip

Chiropractor, Dr Michael Parkin
Dr Michael Parkin

MChiro DC PGDip

Book An Appointment

If you would like more information or to book an appointment to see a chiropractor in Warrington, please get in touch.

You can use the contact form below, email us on or phone us on 07988 631099.

We understand that when you are in pain you want to get things sorted as quickly as possible. We will always respond to any enquiries within 24 hours, and are able to offer most patients an appointment within this same timeframe.

If you need to speak with us over the weekend, please email or use the contact form and one of our chiropractors will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Ivo Marcelino

    I met David a while ago with lower back pain. Was a complete gamble as I didn't have any recommendation of him at that point. Hopefully it truly paid off. He was very welcoming, friendly and extremely professional. Not only he treated me on site but also spent a long time explaining how to prevent from injury in the future. By saying I never needed to see him again speaks by itself. Thank you David.

  • Claire McKinney

    Very welcoming, listens to problem and advises accordingly excersises really do work. I would highly recommend.

  • Angela Burton

    Well what Can I say these guys have fixed my shoulder back ankles

    I can’t recommend them enough

    And they have given me follow up exercises to do wouldn’t go anywhere else �����

  • Elizabeth O'Brien

    Absolutely fantastic! Highly recommend David @ Sure Health. I visited Sure Health for an emergency appointment (suffering with a terrible neck sprain) and David treated me. What a miracle worker! I felt like a different person within a matter of hours! Absolutely fantastic!

  • Terry Crean

    I've suffered for about 3 years with lower back pain generally experienced when playing golf.To the point were I had considered giving up the game entirely.After 3 visits I played a pain free round of golf and overall my back no longer troubles me.Thanks for the help

  • Mark C, Warrington

    I can't recommend Sure Health enough, I've visited for 4 separate problems (knee, back, neck and shoulder) and every time I've been blown away by the treatment received. From waking up with a bad back, stiff neck or suffering with long term issues they have been able to treat the issue and provide expert advice. Don’t suffer anymore, a visit here will ease it. 10/10 for me

  • Nick A

    A friend pointed out a few issues to me that may have been holding me back in sport, so I thought I would see if a Chiropractor could do anything to help. I found Dr Cooper at Sure Health and he was fantastic! He quickly identified the problem areas and clearly explained to me what was going wrong and how these issues occurred. With a bit of work and a few pointers from Dr Cooper I'm back on form and feeling great!!! I can't recommend Sure Health high enough!

  • Helen Lawson

    Dr Cooper is amazing, David has managed to avoid me having to have a back operation. When I first started having appointments I was in daily pain. I am now pain free and have been discharged from hospital appointments. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Thank you.

  • Paul Allshire

    David provides an extremely professional and friendly service. I went to see him recently due to problems in my left hip and shoulder and after 4 sessions they are both much improved. It's clear that he really knows his stuff and he takes the time to explain the causes of the pain and the treatment he suggests to remedy it. Excellent service and overall experience, would not hesitate to recommend.

  • Robert Daniels


  • Mihaela V.

    I honestly recommend Sure Health Chiropractic. I was 31 and I was suffering with chronic back pain from a neglected "S" type scoliosis for 2 years when I went to my first session with dr. David Cooper. After only 2 sessions and 2 weeks of home exercises (easy to do, really) my back pain was gone and I was able once again to live a quality life, without any pain whatsoever!

  • Mark Clarke

    I can’t recommend Sure Health enough, I’ve visited for 4 seperate problems (knee, back, neck and shoulder) and every time I’ve been blown away by the treatment received. From waking up with a bad back, stiff neck or suffering with long term issues they amhave been able to treat the issue and provide expert advice. Don’t suffer anymore, a visit here will is it. 10/10 for me 👌

  • Susan Dyson

    I got a super quick appointment. The lady over the phone was very officiant and helpful.
    I saw Michael who soon identified my problem and with just one treatment i was able to move a little easier.
    He took the time to explain the procedure and even gave me some excersise to do at home.
    Thank you.

  • Lloyd Hester

    This guy really knows his stuff and sorted my neck out in a few sessions. I would highly recommend him for back and neck problems

  • Colin Jones

    Excellent service and very knowledgeable, would return if I have any issues in the future.

  • Bethany Stretch

    Before seeing David I couldn't sit down for more than an hour without experiencing pain. I had no idea what it was and doubted that anything could have been done for it. However following his assessment and treatment I found myself sat doing uni work for more than 2 hours without any discomfort! It felt like a miracle as I'd suffered with the problem for nearly a year. He has also treated my Mum and Dad, both of which were extremely pleased with the results. Definitely recommend David/Sure Health Chiropractic!

  • Ian A, Warrington

    I'd had back pain on and off for a couple of years. Nobody had been able to help me really, but I came across Sure Health and thought I'd try it. It only took a couple of treatments to fix, and I haven't had any problems since.

  • Rich Bibby

    Great service and treatment from David. I'd struggled with lower back pain for years, but after a few sessions and following some simple tips, my back feels great. Highly recommended!

  • Mark Robinson

    A truly exceptional practioner. From my own personal experience, diagnosis is quick and acurate and I've found treatment to be outstandingly effective almost immediate relief with regard to my particular back problems. You also get educated on techniques in which you can prevent reoccuring symptoms. If you're reading this you're presumably looking for a decent Chiropractor... you've found one!

  • Local Guide

    If you have any under lying back problems, look no further, I have been waiting for 1 year and a half for the NHS to diagnose my back pain, however on recommendation to David Cooper, it has elevated many symptoms and just like magic I do not have as much excruciating back pain, this in it's self is well worth the visit! Rest assured I would highly recommend!

  • Tom Parsons

    Brilliant service from a very professional and knowledgeable chiropractor.I went for a long standing back issue which nobody had been able to sort for years, and within two sessions I'm completely better. I'm over the moon to say the least.What's more, I hadn't realised chiropractors treated anything apart from backs but David took one look at my arthritic knee and worked his magic there too!Amazing! Really Happy.

  • Neil Chatwin

    Fantastic very, friendly very knowledgeable, great service.Big thank you

  • Luke Hickling

    Highly recommend! My friend recommended I come here, having suffered for years with sciatica. Dr Cooper was fantastic at helping me understand the cause of my pain, and after 3 treatments I was completely fixed! He also picked up on my arthritic knees and worked his magic on them too. I think he’s a magician! Cheers, Luke.

  • Matthew Mckenzie
    positive review 

    A great knowledgeable chiropractor feeling slightly better already 2nd visit 😁

  • Gareth Jones
    positive review 

    The treatment I received today from Michael has been absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend him and the practice. I have suffered for many years with hip and neck pain and have literally walked out the door pain-free thank you so much Michael you are one of the best.


    Great work! I had been having problems with my shoulder for some time that had been causing me to suffer from migraines. After my first visit the pain and discomfort I had been suffering began to subside, and within a short period of time I would no longer having these problems. Thank you for the service.

  • Brenda Rothwell

    After several months of unconstructive visits to my GP and the hospital I was given no explanation for my severe back pain. Thankfully a good friend recommended Sure Health Chiropractic. David Cooper was able to diagnose my problem at the very first session and provide me with the help and support to get my life back to normal! I was really nervous about going in the first place but David was so understanding and friendly and explained everything so clearly I was soon put at my ease. I can not recommend Sure Health highly enough.

  • Karen Hughes

    Very Reassuring with calm and caring attitude, knows his stuff, explains everything clearly, after suffering years of pain and being undiagnosed by several doctors specialists and GP, Michael diagnosed my costochondritis and relieved the pain immediately. I was really worried about bone cracking after watching youtube videos, I needn't of worried it is not painful just feels a bit odd. Don't suffer in silence go get yourself sorted.

  • Linda H.

    I have been going to Dr Cooper for treatment of various unrelated back & joint problems since he started his practice. Not only does he sort out whatever the problem is, but spends a great deal of time explaining the cause & giving excellent excercises to do to prevent them returning & they work! This means that I do not have to keep returning for more treatments, so saves me time & money. His charges are very reasonable too, so I recommend him to anyone I know needs a chiropractor.

  • Judi Butler

    Very relieved to be able to get quick appointment. Staff on phone and in person (David) very helpful. Results were extremely satisfying with tips on how to protect from further injury in the future.

  • Jaroslav Bukovčan

    After a week of suffering and testing of various calming drugs from GP, my partner still could not stand up. The prospects for cure have been unexpected and so I decided to search through Google for some chiropractor.Dr. David Cooper had very good reviews and we can only confirm them again. Even through the partial language barrier he was very fond and patient. It was obvious that he understood his work. We are still waiting for several treatments, but after our first visit my partner is visibly relieved and can move freely.5 stars is not enough ... strongly recommended.

  • Nigel Wakefield

    I have seen David on and off since he started in Grappenhall.

    I have recommened him to countless people, and bearing in mind i have seen probably a dozen people before i tried David.


  • Jack Bishop

    Really impressed with how I'm feeling after suffering long term neck and knee problems. I was very nervous about seeing a chiropractor after an awful experience with a physio when I was younger but treatment has been great and I'm feeling much improved after just a few visits. I would definitely recommend Sure Health, I've learnt so much and I'm feeling better than ever! - Sarah Bishop

  • Jane S, Lymm

    I hadn't realised how much my back was bothering me before seeing Michael. It was getting me down all the time, but I feel so much better now. He helped me with all sorts of advice, like altering my driving position to lessen the strain on my back. I think he's wonderful!

Our Approach

Sure Health Chiropractic is Warrington’s leading chiropractic clinic with an excellent reputation for getting patients better as quickly as possible.

We specialise in providing chiropractic care for mechanical problems, such as back and neck pain, sports injuries, arthritis and many other conditions.

We are committed to patient centred care, which means that we will provide you with advice and rehabilitation in addition to treatment. This also means that we don’t do lengthy treatment plans, bulk-buy discounts or ask for pre-payment.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday  08:00 – 21:00
Saturday  09:00 – 14:00
Sunday  Closed


Initial Consultation £60 (£75 after 18.30)
Subsequent treatments £37 (£45 after 18.30)


Sure Health Chiropractic – Warrington

Sure Health Chiropractic
99A Knutsford Road, Grappenhall,
Warrington, WA4 2NS

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Registered Chiropractors in Warrington

All of our Warrington chiropractors are fully registered and insured. They have been through four or five year full-time UK chiropractic degree programmes, and have each obtained numerous post-graduate qualifications. You can read more about our chiropractors here.

Sure Health Chiropractic are regulated by General Chiropractic Council, and are members of the British Chiropractic Association and Royal College of Chiropractors.

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Chiropractic Advice

At Sure Health Chiropractic, we take our job of helping people get better very seriously. That is why we have created an advice section for our website.

We hope it serves to help you understand more about a range of nerve muscle and joint problems.

There are articles covering topics such as self-help and prevention, product reviews, supplement and exercise advice and more.

All of the information contained within this section of our website is written and researched by our Warrington chiropractors, providing a no-nonsense source of information that you can trust.

We also upload case-studies. These anonymous examples of patient encounters are intended to help you learn from others’ experiences the easy way.

Chiropractic FAQ

A selection of the questions our chiropractors get asked most often.

If you have ever wondered what the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath is, can you have chiropractic treatment on the NHS, or whether you will need an x-ray, we try to provide answers here.

All answers are provided by our chiropractors, so that you can be sure the information is reliable and come from experts in the field.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered, just get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Our Story

A lot of patients ask why we came to open a chiropractic clinic in Warrington and so we’ve written this article to give people an understanding of why we chose Warrington to set up, and what the journey has been like so far.

The story starts at the University of South Wales. Between 2006 and 2011, Dr David Cooper studied to become a chiropractor, graduating with an MChiro degree. In his final year, he spent a lot of time researching where would be the best place to open a chiropractic clinic, looking at the demographics, competition and economic prospects of lots of different areas.

The North West, in particular Liverpool, Warrington and Manchester stood out as optimal locations and an opportunity presented itself in Warrington before anywhere else.