Changes to Fee Structure

As of August 2014, our initial consultation fee is increasing from £49 to £55. This includes your first treatment.

At Sure Health Chiropractic we strive to make our services available and affordable to everyone. The increase in consultation fee is therefore regrettable, but comes in response to increasing overheads.

We still maintain our position as the most cost effective chiropractors in Warrington, with the lowest initial consultation fee (inclusive of treatment).

It is also with pride that we can assure all patients there will be no unnecessary or excessive treatment courses. The average number of visits needed for complete pain resolution at Sure Health Chiropractic is less than four. This is less than half the industry standard of nine sessions.

We also do not offer pre-payment plans or introductory discounts to tempt in new patients.

It, therefore, remains our conviction that we are the most ethical, most efficacious and most cost-effective chiropractors and musculoskeletal practitioners in the area.